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Monday, December 9, 2013

Meet our Consultants: Lisa Forbes


We are pleased for your to meet Lisa and share some more fun insights into who we are here at Simple Elegance.

1. What is your favorite season?    It's a toss up between fall and spring - I love the beginning of the warmer weather and the beginning of the colder weather but I don't care for extreme temps!

2. What do you enjoying doing in your free time? Reading, going to movies, watching my favorite shows and hanging out with friends.

3. Do you root for K-State, KU or MU?  None of the above!  My husband is a KU fan, but I went to SMSU back when it was still called that!

4. What is your favorite part about a wedding? I love the ceremony and the exchanging of the vows - it all comes together in that moment!  I also love the first dance!  Every once in awhile I hear the song that my husband and I danced to and I always cry! 

5. What is one of your favorite places to visit/vacation and why? Gulf Shores, AL because it is a cheap vacation to the beach!  I also love going down to the Lake of the Ozark's!  Anyplace on the water!

6. What are your passions outside of SE? In general, just trying to make people happy!  I guess that's why I love weddings so much - bringing two people and their families together for such a joyous occasion is happiness!

7. Where do you call home?  Olathe, KS

8. What’s your favorite place to dine on a night out with friends? Any place that has a good wine list and isn't too noisy!  It's been awhile since I've been, but I love Boozefish!

9. What is one thing your never leave home without? My phone and my Chapstick!

10. How would your best friend describe you? Driven, thoughtful, loyal and creative

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