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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet Our Consultants: Erin Webb, Lead Consultant


We are pleased to share some more fun insights into who we are here at Simple Elegance.

1. What is your favorite season?    The Fall for sure, but I do love all the rebirth of trees and flowers in the spring, the first snow in winter and the warm extended sunshine in the summer too.

2. What do you enjoying doing in your free time? Watching local sports, tending to my garden, and enjoying all the great things Kansas City has to do!

3. Do you root for K-State, KU or MU?  Faithful to our colors. We will ever be... fighting ever fighting for a WILDCAT victory! GO STATE!

4. What is your favorite part about a wedding? My favorite part of a wedding ceremony are the quiet moments the bride and her father share right before they walk down the aisle.

5. What is one of your favorite places to visit/vacation and why? I love to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona for Spring Training and anywhere really.

6. What are your passions outside of SE? My family most importantly, of course all things K-State and teaching at Johnson County Community College.

7. Where do you call home?  Prairie Village, KS

8. What’s your favorite place to dine on a night out with friends? We spend a lot of time in the Village or Cornith Square and all of the great restaurants they have there.

9. What is one thing your never leave home without? A bottle of water, my insurance cards and my wedding ring!

10. How would your best friend describe you? Loyal, thoughtful and honest

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