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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Design-Minded Bride : Our Modern Weddings

Last week we highlighted Romantic Weddings in the new Gallery section of our website. Today we demonstrate our range as event designers as we feature some of our Modern Weddings. When we have a full service client who we begin the planning process with from day one, our consultants are able to create a stylish event for even our most design savvy couples. Even when our team is brought in a few months or even weeks before a wedding, we take great care in maintaining the original vision of the couple in our execution.

Creating a modern feel for a wedding includes a lot of daring design elements. Today we highlight a few elements of a modern wedding.

1. Bold Color. Infuse a non-traditional color palette into the decor whether it be in the flowers, fabrics, or lighting. Shock your guests by showing them that wedding colors don't have to be comprised of just pale pastels.

2. Creative Photography. The design-minded bride and groom should be especially particular when booking vendors. Selecting the vendors who can execute a modern design aesthetic is essential, especially when it comes to choosing your photographer. Many photographers can shoot a varied range of styles, however you'll want to preview many examples of their work to make sure they can capture your specific taste.

3. Surprising Touches. Our modern couples often like to push the envelope. Exercise your creativity and aim to entertain your guests with a night they'll never forget. When creating weddings for our couples, we aim to capture their personal style not only aesthetically but also atmospherically. Two of our weddings below included modern lounges at their receptions creating a cool party-vibe. Another way to surprise your guests is in the menu. Select non-traditional fare and instead of a typical sit-down dinner offer your selections at food stations or served in creative culinary displays.

Photo courtesy of epaga FOTO

Our modern weddings are some of the most fun events we get to work on as all the elements come together to create an exciting and memorable experience for our couples.

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