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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to Nature : Our Natural Weddings

Last week we highlighted elements of some of our Modern Weddings. This week we are going in the opposite direction as we take a look at our Natural Weddings. These weddings are chock-full of earthy touches and gorgeous florals that are guaranteed to give anyone a case of spring fever.

The word "natural" can have the potential to evoke images of long-haired, bare-footed, free-spirited brides. We hope to put those stereotypes to rest as we prove that natural design can be lush, glamorous, and anything but simple.

There are millions of ways to incorporate natural design into your wedding day, but today we want to highlight the concepts of bringing the outdoors in and taking your wedding outside. The easiest way to "bring the outdoors in" at your wedding is through your florals. From the bouquets, to the centerpieces, to the altar or huppah, carefully designed florals are essential to creating a natural feel to the decor. Your Simple Elegance consultant can help you to work alongside your florist to select the perfect mix of flowers and create arrangements that feel like they were picked straight from the garden. Florals for a natural wedding should appear organic as opposed to sleeker arrangements created for more modern events.

Flowers are just reserved for centerpieces and bouquets; incorporate them in less predictable places like the cake for example.

If bringing the outdoors in doesn't give you the natural fix you need, then why not just move your entire event outside? If you're not daring enough to brave the possibility of rain, consider holding just your ceremony outside. Gorgeous photography out in nature is a non-negotiable for these brides. There's no better backdrop than a lush landscape.

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