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Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet Our Consultants: Kindra Browne, CEO + Owner


We are pleased to share some fun insights into who we are here at Simple Elegance.

1. What is your favorite season?    Fall

2. What do you enjoying doing in your free time? Being home with my family, scrapbooking and    
         quiet time for myself to recharge. I also love the pool in the summertime.

3. Do you root for K-State, KU or MU?  KU and Emporia State.  

4. What is your favorite part about a wedding? I have 2… When the father walks her down the aisle. 
        Gives me goose bumps every time and when they kiss for the first time as husband and wife.

5. What is one of your favorite places to visit/vacation and why? Colorado in the summer. I love the 
        mountains, the cool water creeks and the cool breeze in the summer time. 

6. What are your passions outside of SE?  Singing, Quotes, Scrapbooking, watching my kids play 
        sports and catching musicals and plays with my mom.  I love, love watching musicals! 

7. Where do you call home?  Olathe is where my husband and I have built our home but a part of my 
        heart will always call Dodge City, Kansas home because it is where I grew up. 

8. What’s your favorite place to dine on a night out with friends? My best friend and I like to grab 
        Starbucks and sneak it in to the theatre when we catch a movie. 

9. What is one thing your never leave home without? My phone and lipgloss!

10. How would your best friend describe you? Calm, warm and strong.

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